After a drunken night out in Antwerp city we had the great idea to transform our horse trailer into a mobile bar: The Drunken Horse bar was born.

We decided that we would only serve drinks that we would produce ourselves – so we started to create our own gin. We went to London to learn the basics of how to distil a London Dry Gin and then we started looking for a still. Lucky enough, we encounter a Dutch engineer who had created a 21st century still which could create a super smooth gin. We trusted him and we bought the still and our search began for the perfect mix of botanicals.

We created a citric gin that was super smooth, but it needed more depth, more flavour, more complexity. On the hillsides of the Himalayas we found a pepper that would change our gin and our lives: the Nepalese Timut Pepper. This wonderful pepper has hints of grapefruit, lime and jasmine, and was the perfect companion for our gin.

We served our gin to the customers of the Drunken Horse Bar and they were amazed. Someone told us that we should participate in competitions so we sent our gin to the San Francisco World Spirit competition – and we won a gold medal.

So we decided to visit Michelin star restaurants and high end cocktail bars. The sommeliers and mixologists were amazed with the quality and started to buy our gin. From that point on we were in the craft gin business. It has been an incredible adventure and the best is yet to come.


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